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What's the relationship between Learning and Earning?

We've been bombarded with the Buzzword "Lifelong Learning" as the best way to be future ready and future proof in our fast pace, fast changing world.

Many people responded to the call and have since moving from one course to the other especially those courses that are fully subsidised by the nation, many also become full time aimless learners.

BUT, What's the purpose for lifelong learning?

More learning?

The trouble with more learning is that the more we know the more we know we don't know, hence there will come a time where the full time aimless learners will face learning fatigue and discouragement, its like 'Rocking Chair Activity" - a lot of movement but going nowhere.

More earning?

Why Not? I found it interesting that the difference between the spelling of "Learning" and "Earning" is the letter 'L", what if the meaning of Learning is just to take on a temporary "L" plate so that Earning can take place within a short span of time? Furthermore, using earning as KPI for learning may result in strategic and targeted learning which in turn may facilitate greater progress.

Just food for thought from the neverTiree.


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