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Facilitator Model
Our answers or the lack of it to the following questions may determine our preparedness for longevity, health care cost and usefulness in life.

3 most important questions to be answered:

  1. Where are you now?

  2. Where do you want to be in the future?

  3. What are your action steps to get there?

in the 5 'A's strategies blueprint?

5 As of TnT 300721.png

3 "What IF' scenarios:

  1. You survive but live too long?

  2. You don't survive?

  3. You survive but not well?

Are you financially FIT for all these 3 scenarios?

Are you doing:

  1. What you enjoy doing?

  2. What you're good at?

  3. Your services are needed?

  4. People will pay for it

If not, how sustainable it can be?

Are your 3 circles in alignment?

  1. Want To Do (Motivation/Desire)

  2. Can Do (Competency/Resources)

  3. Should Do (Responsibility/Accountability)

If yes, you're like fish in water.

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