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Have you noticed the new normal?

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

A survey from Barclays Wealth Insights called “The Age Illusion” in 2010 challenged my retirement paradigm, caused me to embrace risky as my new safe which include running my first full marathon at the age of 50, and has since completed 13 full marathons.

The research has highlighted an interesting and, perhaps, unexpected phenomenon amongst wealthy individuals across the world. Instead of planning a conventional retirement or making plans to retire early, most of our respondents aspire to keep on working in some form – to become a Nevertiree rather than a retiree. Some 60% of respondents say they envision always being involved in commercial or professional work of some kind, whatever their age.

“Most of the people we work with resist retirement like mad.” “Stop counting the years – just make the years count.” “I can’t really conceive of doing nothing.” Key drivers for becoming a neverTiree: - The problem of unpredictability, - The expectation of living much longer, - The quality of health and the high cost of medical, - The uncertainty of economy and investment returns

After reading the article i begin to ask myself:

Why people who cannot afford to retire dying to retire?

Why people who can retire in luxury refuse retirement like mad?

Could it be that income is best made when you don't need it?

If so, achieving financial retirement ASAP is the key to refuse physical retirement like mad.

Food for thought from the neverTiree.


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