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How the neverTiree journey began...

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

The survey identified 4 key drivers for becoming a neverTiree:

- The problem of unpredictability,

- The expectation of living much longer,

- The quality of health and the high cost of medical,

- The uncertainty of economy and investment returns

This article puzzled me:

- why people who cannot afford to retire dying to retire,

- why people who can retire in luxury refuse retirement like mad.

Hence, the journey to find the answers begin...

As i continue my journey, these 5 "A's strategies were developed and i've shared it with about 2,000 people via physical talks/seminars/workshops (Pre-Covid) and via Zoom Webinars and many found it helpful to solve the puzzle:

- Adopt a 100 year life perspective

- Achieve Financial Retirement ASAP

- Always be gainfully useful

- Acquisition & Allocation of incomes as a norm

- Active prevention of potential risks

Please feel free to explore further by watching the videos in this section.

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